Shellfish Hatchery

What we do !

We raise shellfish. Thanks to our experience and our know-how, we produce cupped oyster spats, flat oyster spats, and clam spats.

Dedicated to both the quality of the shellfish and the quality of the relationship, Marinove is geared towards the responsible development of shellfish farming. Based at the heart of an exceptional natural site and close to our customers, we strive to be innovative, whilst at the same time respecting our customer's traditions.

Orka carré


You can find Marinove at the main oyster shows. We welcome you to come and talk to us about our great offers and the quality of our spats.



MARINOVE presents ORKA, the oyster spat carefully selected for its survival rate, its shape and its color. Contact us for more details!

Sélection des meilleurs géniteurs
Qualité des coquillages
Résistance et taux de survie
Disponibilité des naissains


We select the best spawners from nature in order to offer high-quality shellfish.


The quality of our shellfish is measured by many different characteristics such as shape, colour, flesh, nacre.


Assuring a high survival rate is vital for building a quality relationship with our customers.


Providing shellfish spats all year round and responding precisely to the needs of our customers.

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