The nursery

Following breeding in the micro-nursery, the sufficiently large micro-spat are raised outdoors, within the nurseries.

The nurseries are made up of a set of up-welling breeding ponds and lagoons connected with each other, allowing good water circulation. Managing the daily supply of fresh water, quantity and quality of phytoplankton, as well as the quality of the overall aquatic ecosystem are all important keys to proper development of spat. These large outdoor semi-closed water circuits are managed each day so that the quality of the breeding environment is optimal.

There the spat are worked, rolled, washed, and regularly sifted in order to obtain robust and homogeneous shellfish ready to be reared at sea.

Selection of the best breeders
Quality of shells: form, colour, mother of pearl, flesh, etc.
Resistance A high survival rate
Availability Our clients' requirements are ours