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Why choose Marinove ?

Quality of shellfish, quality of relationship, respect for the environment; Marinove is focused on responsible development of shellfish farming. Close to our clients and located at the heart of exceptional natural sites, we innovate while respecting the traditions of our clients. What if you joined the team?

The HR Team will listen to you each day and assist you from your recruitment and during your arrival, then throughout your development at Marinove. Your colleagues will support you through the integration process.

From the first weeks, your manager, with a tutor and internal trainer, will introduce you to your job and our activities. These support and training processes will allow you to acquire new skills and consolidate your professional expertise in the service of our spat.

The richness of our jobs and adaptation to our processes allows us to work with a strong diversity within the teams, and to place great importance on the complementarity between women and men, seeking equality each day. M/F equality index.

Our professional gender equality index for 2023

We obtain the result of 92/100 (78/85).

  • Pay gap indicator: 38/40
  • Individual increase rate gap indicator: 35/35
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: non-calculable
  • High pay indicator: 5/10
Over 60 collaborators
Over 20 differents jobs
8 breeding sites


We are passionate about our work, oyster culture and living things. We work on exceptional sites in the heart of nature.


We have a sense of collectiveness and always work as a team. The staff, very attentive to quality of life at work, are on site to listen.


We have a shared awareness of quality and the desire to do our job well each day. Our teams are trained and evolving.


We work in the field close to nature and our clients with whom we share the same professional culture.

“Having worked for 20 years in mass distribution, I have discovered a very interesting new profession where one quickly gains autonomy, with easy learning thanks to experienced colleagues.”

Jessica Palvadeau, Hatchery Specialist

“Working in a hatchery requires passion for the profession, rigour and good team cohesion due to the existence of several different sectors. I particularly enjoy taking care of the animals, doing everything possible to guarantee their well-being.”

Paulo Machado Loureiro, Hatchery Specialist

“My work today is no longer the same as it was seven years ago. I was lucky to join Marinove when it was booming, with lots of great prospects for the future. It is thanks to this passion for perfection and family spirit that I was able to gradually climb the ladder. Marinove saw me and allowed me to grow; working with living things requires rigour, observation, consideration, and above all enthusiasm for the breeding profession. The advantage of Marinove is that this company comes from a family and collaborators who are passionate and sometimes fascinated by breeding, which makes my job stimulating. Today my work consists of being even more versatile through my responsibilities and conveying unique know-how to Marinove, as well as its values. My greatest satisfaction is seeing my colleagues progress and flourish as much as I have been able to.”

Elodie Colin, Nursery Team Leader

“I love my job, which I have now had for five years. It is important for me to be in contact with nature and to be able to work outdoors, despite weather conditions not always being optimal. It is a job that I find enriching, which allows us to see the evolution of the spat after each stage of production. As for my position in the nursery, I enjoy undertaking all the production tasks, from phytoplankton to packaging for sales, and sieving and washing the nursery.”

Baptiste Pineau, Nursery Production Worker

“When I started at the company as a sales assistant, I didn’t think that 17 years later I would still be here! The passion of some, the professionalism of others, the collaboration between different departments, the kindness of my colleagues, this continuing family spirit – so many reasons made me feel good and flourish in my daily work. What motivates me: the reputation of the company, as well as client satisfaction which rewards commitment and the quality of everyone’s work.”

Marie Pontoizeau, Sales Administration Coordinator

“To practice this profession it is useful to be curious and proactive, to have good interpersonal skills and above all a real interest in oyster farming. Like many professions, you sometimes have to know how to deal with unforeseen circumstances – and all other qualities are welcome! I mainly alternate between business travel and remote working, it’s a good balance. Working with living things involves being in regular contact with my clients and colleagues. In oyster farming, seasonality and the tides set the rhythm, so my schedule is organised based on this. Often on the road, on site or at oyster farms, you see the country. There are so many places that offer an exceptional working environment. There we meet passionate producers who willingly share their experiences. There is no time to get bord, in the oyster industry there is always something happening!”

Tristan Chavassieu, Technical Sales Representative

Selection, at the heart of our work

Marinove quality is the result of the finest possible selection of nature’s best shellfish.



This initial phase takes place in a regulated environment within a specific building. Pumped into a channel at high tide, then matured in our specific reserves, the sea water used in the hatchery is finely filtered and treated with a UV lamp.



Micro-nurseries receive larvae from larval breeding. These developed larvae, called pediveligerous eyed larvae, due to the appearance of a small black dot resembling an eye, continue their development within the micro-nurseries.



The nurseries are made up of a set of up-welling breeding ponds and lagoons connected with each other, allowing good water circulation. Managing the daily supply of fresh water, quantity and quality of phytoplankton, as well as the quality of the overall aquatic ecosystem are all important keys to proper development of spat.



The spat from nurseries that have reached the size of 6mm are then pre-grown at sea. This is another technical profession, in an open environment, allowing us to offer our clients larger size ranges, for shorter breeding cycles and adapted to their constraints.


Research & Development Service

Our R&D teams work directly with management on Marinove’s medium and long-term technical challenges: both on the needs related with our own zootechnical innovations and to meet the needs expressed by our clients.


Support services & client services

The support teams are at the heart of the success of our breeding operations and responding to the needs of producer clients of Marinove. Being available and attentive in discussion of and assistance with our clients’ requests and unforeseen events in breeding is the mission of our support services each day.

Selection of the best breeders
Quality of shells: form, colour, mother of pearl, flesh, etc.
Resistance A high survival rate
Availability Our clients' requirements are ours