Marinove, the first link serving shellfish farmers

Hatching expertise serving the oyster farming profession

At the different stages of breeding, the spat is meticulously selected. From the maturation of the broodstock to pre-growing, demanding technical know-how is implemented, combined with rigorous health management.

Our purpose: to provide oyster farmers the best means of expressing their know-how.

The assurance of a constant supply of quality spat

Born in a hatchery and selected at all stages of their growth, our spat offer you consistency in quality and quantity. With daily effort on:

  • Regular supply
  • Animal health guarantee
  • Aesthetic selection
  • Homogeneity of the finished product in all seasons
  • Qualitative consistency
  • Strong traceability
Our quality commitments

A company involved in its ecosystem

We have been involved for many years in work groups of public bodies, general interest organisations and public and private research entities so that our work and our responsibility as the first link allow the sustainable future of the shellfish farming profession and the safeguarding of collective knowledge.

Selection of the best breeders
Quality of shells: form, colour, mother of pearl, flesh, etc.
Resistance A high survival rate
Availability Our clients' requirements are ours