Selection, at the heart of our work

Marinove quality is the result of the finest possible selection of nature’s best shellfish.



This initial phase takes place in a regulated environment within a specific building. Pumped into a channel at high tide, then matured in our specific reserves, the sea water used in the hatchery is finely filtered and treated with a UV lamp.



Micro-nurseries receive larvae from larval breeding. These developed larvae, called pediveligerous eyed larvae, due to the appearance of a small black dot resembling an eye, continue their development within the micro-nurseries.



The nurseries are made up of a set of up-welling breeding ponds and lagoons connected with each other, allowing good water circulation. Managing the daily supply of fresh water, quantity and quality of phytoplankton, as well as the quality of the overall aquatic ecosystem are all important keys to proper development of spat.



The spat from nurseries that have reached the size of 6mm are then pre-grown at sea. This is another technical profession, in an open environment, allowing us to offer our clients larger size ranges, for shorter breeding cycles and adapted to their constraints.


Research & Development Service

Our R&D teams work directly with management on Marinove’s medium and long-term technical challenges: both on the needs related with our own zootechnical innovations and to meet the needs expressed by our clients.


Support services & client services

The support teams are at the heart of the success of our breeding operations and responding to the needs of producer clients of Marinove. Being available and attentive in discussion of and assistance with our clients’ requests and unforeseen events in breeding is the mission of our support services each day.

Selection of the best breeders
Quality of shells: form, colour, mother of pearl, flesh, etc.
Resistance A high survival rate
Availability Our clients' requirements are ours