The hatchery

The hatchery marks the start of the production of oyster spat. This initial phase takes place in a regulated environment within a specific building. Pumped into a channel at high tide, then matured in our specific reserves, the sea water used in the hatchery is finely filtered and treated with a UV lamp.

We can segment hatchery work into three parts: broodstock management, larval breeding and phytoplankton cultivation.

Broodstock management

Selected for their characteristics of roundness and colour, growth and survival, broodstock management, from maturation to reproduction, highlights authentic French know-how.

Larval breeding

Throughout this stage corresponding to the first part of their life, until their metamorphosis into micro-spat, the larvae are selected based on qualitative zootechnical and health criteria.

Phytoplankton cultivation

Produced in a hatchery, the phytoplankton intended for feeding our farms is chosen for its nutritional qualities.

Selection of the best breeders
Quality of shells: form, colour, mother of pearl, flesh, etc.
Resistance A high survival rate
Availability Our clients' requirements are ours