Cupped Oysters Crassostrea gigas

Marinove offers you 3 varieties of cupped oyster spats, diploids and triploids.

Raised on the isle of Noirmoutier, our products are developed as closely to their natural environment as possible.

From egg to commercial size spat, we use all of our know-how to guarantee the best shellfish.

micronaissin algues microbrisure marinove

The micro spat from our hatcheries

Our variety of micro-spat is available in sizes from T1.5 to T2.5.

Our micro-spat is raised in our hatchery allowing for a maximum health safety and optimum conditions for growth.

marinove nurserie naissain

The spat from our nurseries

We offer nursery spats in sizes T3 to T8.

Our nurseries are connected to a complex network of marshlands ensuring production of micro-algae and the best quality water.

Our water quality management of these marshlands ensures the highest level of health safety

bouquet d'huitres

The pre-grown oysters raised in the park

Marinove offers you a variety of pre-grown oysters from its own parks, diploid and triploid in sizes T10 to T35.

Subject to seasonal availability.