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Our history

Founded in 1987 to develop the aquaculture of turbot, FRANCE TURBOT relied on its experience of reproduction and selection to expand towards the oyster spat hatchery in 2006. In 2015, with its know-how and the quality of its cupped oyster spats already well established, France Turbot rebranded and became Marinove.

Since 2006, specialist teams have applied their hatchery expertise, setting up a new production: the cupped oyster spat.

Production started off quickly with the transformation of a turbot hatchery into a hatchery for shellfish spats and the construction of two nurseries. The implementation of new tools allowed the volume of production to be adjusted, R&D to be developed, and production to be secured with respect to the best sanitary conditions, all so as to accommodate the demand of the market.

Our plants

Our plants dedicated to the production of shellfish spats consist of a hatchery and three nurseries.

They are subject to rigorous health management regarding both quality control of the water and methods of work to guarantee the wellbeing of the oyster.