Tailored approach...

Marinove selects and raises shellfish spats (cupped oysters, flat oysters, clams).

We are artisans who are passionate about our trade and we respond as directly as possible to the needs of our customers.

A trade close to our heart:

The finest selection possible from “the best shellfish from nature”.

It is this meticulous selection which allows our customers to appreciate the survival rate as well as a consistent quality and supply.

To guarantee the best shellfish, we have to be able to perfect the following tasks:

- water management, which is our main concern

- phytoplankton culture for producing feed for the shellfish

- spawn management

- raising oyster larvae and other shellfish

- the micro-nursery corresponding to the first phase of growth for the micro-spats

- the nursery or the raising of micro-spats to get spats

- and finally the pre-growth